A new responsive mobile wesbite for job-seekers

Hudson is a global talent solutions company. Established for 13 years, they work in recruitment and talent management, focusing on professional services such as Law, Accountancy and HR.

Hudson wanted to better understand the way job seekers operate, particularly on mobile devices so that they could improve the job search and application experience for candidates visiting their site.

We conducted a two-week-long research sprint, interviewing job-seekers and testing the exisiting site on both current and new users. Based on the feedback we recieved we then developed an improved search and filter interface, better optimised advert content and an account system to allow for job searches and applications across devices.

We presented our work to the Digital Team at Hudson who were very happy with our proposals and are currently looking at how to implement them.

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Above: Mockups showing new features and updated visual design of the mobile job-seekers site.